About Us

THE BEGINNING 2018 – Since its creation in 2018 Trips Nativos Tortuguero has emphasized the development of community tourism promoting the different activities that are carried out in our national park and its surroundings, the constant dedication for the attention of our clients and commercial partners makes us one of the tour operators with better projection in our area.


Offer within the ecotourism sector new options of programs and travel plans to clients that promote the development of activities that interact with nature and adventure to the maximum, in such a way that it contributes to the awareness of our users, as well as the recognition and protection of the country’s natural and cultural heritage. Trip Nativos will help boost the development of our community by supporting other local initiatives such as culture and sports with the commitment of human talent that the company has. All Trip Nativos activities are based on continuous improvement processes, with indicators to measure the efficiency and quality of their services and the satisfaction of our users.


Our vision is to position Trips Nativos and the ecotourism sector in the Caribbean area as a consolidated and recognized segment within the country’s tourism activities, by representing and strengthening the conservation of natural and cultural heritage, providing the confidence and security that we offer to our customers and business partners presenting innovative services and ensuring a stable tourist activity, promoting an environment of good relations and obtaining the highest satisfaction of our customers.


Our company is formed as follows: or four certified naturalist guides licensed by the ICT as local naturalist guides from the conservation area of ​​the Tortuguero National Park. o A qualified captain with knowledge in sea and river. o A motorboat, with dimensions of 28 feet and a motor of 90 HP suzuki with all permits and policies per day. o Office located in the center of Tortuguero, in front of the place of disembarkation of tourist and commercial services boats .. o Fishing equipment and rubber boots for the rainy season. or microbus with capacity for 12 passengers with policies per day Security or First Aid Equipment or lifejackets or Civil Liability Policy for our boats.