Costa Rica is the ideal vacation destination

Costa Rica offers all sorts of activities for you to enjoy before or after your medical procedure.

Some of the best experiences to enjoy in the Central Valley are:


You can calculate Costa Rica’s nature in life systems, climates, and species. The numbers are magnificent. However, they hardly describe the astonishing beauty of the rainforests that support this biodiversity.

Costa Rica is a habitat of over 500,000 species, representing close to 5% of the total species estimated globally. Costa Rica is the smallest of the 20 macro-diverse countries with the most extraordinary biodiversity on the planet. Among these 500,000 species, approximately 300,000 are insects.

Beyond its beauty, the most striking and appreciated feature of Costa Rica is how simple it is to go through the different microclimates when you travel from one location to the next.

Poas volcano

About an hour and a half from San José, this ever-active volcano is a realm of cloud forests and an outlook to an active crater. You can see the massive mouth of this colossus spewing clouds of gasses from its turquoise-colored lagoon.

You can also combine it with Sarchi Oxcart Factory Tour, the Doka Estate Coffee Tour, and the Waterfalls Gardens.

Irazu volcano

The Irazu Volcano is located a short drive from San Jose to the top of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range. The tour starts with a stunning ascension towards the Irazu Volcano through various landscapes passing by very fertile agricultural areas. From here, with its fascinating green lagoon and jagged cliffs, you can view the vast crater.

You can combine this tour with the Orosi Valley, the Cartago Shrine to the Virgin of the Angels, the Tapanti National Park, and the Orosi Valley Thermae.

Arenal Volcano

This is a whole day and part of the night. It goes first through the leading art crafts area of Costa Rica, Sarchi. After that, you will drive through some of the most majestic rainforests of the Central Volcanic Range and into the area of the Arenal Volcano, where you will learn about the eruptive history of this colossus. Afterward, enjoy a bath in the natural hot springs of the region.

Waterfalls Garden

We will walk through paved trails through a lush tropical rain forest at La Paz Waterfall Gardens. The first part of the garden is a fantastic rescue center. You will go through a colossal aviary and butterfly garden and then see several different species of animals in the exhibition, including monkeys, frogs, snakes, and felines. Nature enthusiasts of all ages enjoy this journey.

You can combine this tour with the Poas Volcano, the Doka Estate Cofee Tour, and the Sarapiqui Floating Tour (Privately arranged)

Aerial Tram

In a 1,200-acre private natural preserve 50 minutes from San Jose, you will fly through the forest, observing the sub-canopy, upper canopy, and its hanging gardens. There are many trails in our park. Naturalist guides will tell participants about the extensive plant and animal life.

You can combine this tour with the Sarapiqui Floating Tour.

Sarapiqui floating

Upon your arrival in Sarapiqui, a magnificent place recognized for its fabulous natural wealth, you will board a boat on the Sarapiqui Rio to enjoy nature and the inspiring surroundings in direct contact with nature. After your boat ride, you’ll enjoy a guided tour through a sanctuary for nature lovers.

You can combine this tour with the Waterfalls Garden, the Poas Volcano, or the Doka Estate Coffee Tour (Privately arranged only)


You can experience Costa Rican culture in many ways. In the Great Metropolitan Area cities, you find museum nights, art and music festivals, a fascinating number of museums, live music, international concerts, theater and dance productions, and many more possibilities.

The main tours to enjoy the Costa Rican culture in San Jose are:

City Tour

This is a base tour to learn about Costa Rica. Its historical background, evolution, traditions, art, and architecture, Passing by some of the city’s most iconic buildings, learn it all about the country you are visiting. The tours go through the National Theater, the Gold Museum, and the Central Market. We’ll also see the University of Costa Rica, the main train station, the central government and historical buildings, and some parks and important churches, hospitals, and landmarks. In the end, there will be a place to buy souvenirs to take back home.

Doka Estate Coffee Tour

You will delight in a coffee tour on an actual coffee plantation, where you learn about the old techniques used by specialists to create some of the most excellent coffee in Costa Rica and around the world. You will learn in a hands-on experience about the punctilious procedure of cultivating, harvesting, and roasting the Golden Bean. You will also have the chance to sample the different sorts of coffee in this privileged corner of the world. And of course, take (Or send) some back home.

This tour can be combined with Poas Volcano and the Waterfalls Gardens.

Sarchi Oxcart Factory

We’ll go to Sarchi, which is renowned as the heart of Costa Rica’s artisans. As we visit a factory and souvenir shop run by local artisans in Sarchi, you will be able to enjoy many of Costa Rica’s art crafts and souvenirs. You will also see the world’s most giant ox cart, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

This tour can be combined with Poas Volcano, Doka Estate Coffee Tour,

Arenal Volcano, and San Luis Ziplining Tour.

Orosi Valley

You will visit Cartago city, the former capital of Costa Rica, and the Basilica of the Virgin of the Angels, the most important shrine for the Costa Rican Catholic Church.

After you will enjoy the Lankester Botanical Garden, a research station protecting and preserving around 800 orchid species and other rare plants.

Then you will head to the lovely Orosi valley, surrounded by mountains. It has a small lake and dam and beautiful coffee plantations and forests. You will also have a visit to one of the few remaining colonial churches and a great lunch at the area’s most iconic restaurant.


Within this incredible landscape, you will find a range of options that will make you feel as if you have arrived in Indiana Jones’ World!


You will fly across the sprawling pristine rainforests forest securely supplied by a system of zip lines. In the Central Valley, there are several options to enjoy this thrilling activity. All of them go through luscious rainforests and are safe and fun.


From the Central Valley, you can enjoy the mighty Pacuare River, one of the ten best rafting rivers in the World (Class IV). But there are more options if you want to combine the adventure. You can choose the Reventazón or the Sarapiqui Rivers, which are Class II and III. They all traverse areas of outstanding natural beauty and offer the adrenaline rush in an environment of fun and safety.

These two activities can be combined. They can also be combined with hiking or horseback riding.


Costa Rica has a plethora of water activities for the true water-lovers and offers them a fantastic variety of settings!

Day at the Beach

Stay at a lush beach hotel for a day. It is surrounded by 750 acres of

rainforest and gorgeous beaches, with white sand hues splashed by the Pacific Ocean’s emerald-green water. You will have all the time to enjoy the beach, swim in crystal clear seawater, or relax at the pool.

Tortuga Island Day Tour

Tortuga Island offers a day of gorgeous skies, ocean vistas, and live music. Then you’ll arrive on the island, where you can swim, sunbathe, or enjoy an optional tour like the banana boat, snorkeling, or jet skiing. The crew will then make a fantastic lunch.

On the way to Tortuga Island, you will enjoy going across the Nicoya Gulf and, if lucky, see dolphins, sea turtles, many marine birds, and in-season Humpback whales.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful parks. This journey takes you to gorgeous beaches surrounded by lush flora and exotic rainforest delights. Manuel Antonio’s beaches are sought as among of Costa Rica’s best.

Once within the park, you can relax on the beach, sunbathe, or stroll the trails to see the park’s diverse flora and animals. Birds, iguanas, and possibly even the three-toed sloth can be seen.